Unexplainable Reacharound

by Jerry



a 1975 Jerry release saw him turn to new studio practices and create a tight group to perform an array of rock songs while still continuing to venture into other genres along the way.
On the track Buzz Killard you hear Jerry's guitar clank away at the frustrations he was having at the stagnation of his career at the time, while McGruffins and Gerald steadily pound away as the rhythm section as they often do. I DON'T KNOW HOW shows how a somber ballad was ruined by a radio that was on too close to Jerry's guitar pickup, he didn't realize til the track was cut and so he changed it up halfway thru into a plucky upbeat tune before he just said screw it and it all crashes to an end. Things get back to a more punk background on Nebraskan, as Jerry makes social commentary about the corn husk state and all of the Runza sandwiches he ate on an 8 day Nebraskan tour he once went on, where he passed out along the highway in a haze of cattle gas. Gotta Sell More Tickets is a more experienced piece Jerry created by only taking five seconds of one his live performances and whatever... RoBott Radio Network was a high budget recording for Jerry, he originally thought he was recording a soundtrack to a highbudget cop drama, but found out the client was a baitin and a switchin and that it was actually a Christian radio jingle, and there was nothin he could do about it. Yuppy Police was about a bad experience Jerry had getting kicked out of a yuppified establishment for not meeting the Yuppy standard. Gutter Break is a rare Jerry track because it was actually not written by him, it was written by Jerry's stupid brother Gerald, and it was actually part of a 12 minute melancholy prog rock epic, but Jer cut it off at however many seconds and humiliated him by making it the interlude track on his own album instead. Gerald wept. Things kick back in to gear with freshman, a track based on a track jerry wrote when he was in highschool on the ole acoustic guitar, few things were added but it's definitely a stripped down tune. Track 9 was originally untitled but Jerry sent me a memo to add in a new title, Jay Sekulow's free time... whatever that means. The next song doesn't have enough tooth. Next we take a trip to a Math Class. I am unaware if this is from when Jerry was in school or if he was visiting a school or what... Chaplain's night is a bout of a time when Jerry had a belief that he could move his face forward by believing. And that is what Forward Groth is about too, their was originally a typo on the original pressing but Jerry always liked that version better.


released July 5, 2017

Jerry - guitar, synthesizers, manipulation, curation, fever dreams.
Gerald (Jerry's Stupid Brother) - bass, fuzz.
McGruffins the Junkyard Dog - slammin those freakin drums all album man



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Jerry Cairo, Illinois

I'm at tank*

Still starving though.


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