Half Miltian Pity Construction SnafUUUU (Radio Edit)

by Jerry

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Bart Furp Earbrainblastdamage to yet another degree. Jerry continues to befuddle.


one day jerry was blessed with a ship wreck and then he realized he had to go home and cut some tape on the way back he bought some razors to cut the tape but he realized one of the razors had public hair on it so when he went back to walgrins that he had gone back home and his producers had edited the track and hwen he hgot back it was all comopressed and he actually realized it was all like 'lectro also so that was def a down side considering it original was this string 'rrangement and a sent'mental 'gui'ar ostinanto and he had to make like a mock up copy of it for tomorrow. on the way back to walrgits he got stopped by hisghschool traffic which had let out and he was busy waiting for these tee'agers to get out of th e way he realizewd then he didnt like paying taxes oh weait he did because ihe was currently happy about pubic works project #5445 ion his home state which created a serpente sque structure of golden imitation of safron which was in the image of hard boiled eggian principle theorem which actually in the end considered that what was going really had nt acted out anything in particular #1972 #june #534


released April 21, 2016



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Jerry Cairo, Illinois

I'm at tank*

Still starving though.


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