Jerry's Lament

by Jerry

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Bart Furp Jerry's got a large catalog, so it's hard to choose a favorite... For me, this is the one. Favorite track: Frank Nutso.


The following is a letter from Jerry's manager:

"Hello listener.

Since I first met Jerry a little over four years ago it has been my pleasure to help him reach the few of you who have discovered upon his lost legacy. Generally it has been practice every January or so (last year was a little delayed) to release a hallmark album, one of his releases that covers a wide variety of music, and one that is typically on a higher level of artistry (yes I know some of Jerry's releases are affected by the high amounts of battery acid abuse he has been known for). I am aware most of the 2016 rereleases were very experimental, it was a weird year for Jerry where he only really wanted to dig up some real obscure ones from the archives. I'm not really aware too much of all of what remains in these archives, but as I receive them via mail usually, I'll upload these albums and scan in the art as best I can.

Anyway, this record that we have here, is a special one , and one deemed fit to enter in the seemingly absurd year of 2017. Makes me happy to see that Jerry has maintained a relationship with me for this long, seeing I guess that I've been able to keep him fed through scant internet promotion might be part of that. "Jerry's Lament" as far as I can tell is a redacted and changed title, I am not aware of the original title, but I can tell you this is from his 1970's era work. The first track, 'Frank Nutso' from what I can tell sounds like a classic rehearsal take of a tune being performed by Jerry on guitar and McGruffins the Junkyard Dog on drums. A class and manic way to start the record. This track really showcases the special bond between Jerry and McGruffins. Abruptly we change directions when the eerie keys of "The Magenta Cartridge is Very Low" enter. This on this record is very befuddling to me, the momentum completely changes and we are entering a far dreary plain. Seemingly transitioning through several movements, we hear a faint whistle from Jerry, one of the few times his voice is heard in a recording. As this track fades away into artifacts, we are given one of the more accessible tracks in the Jerry library in, "Melora Conway." Based on some old newspaper clippings I have, Jerry once had a romantic relationship with the actress, but I have few details on the rest of the story, and I am under the impression it might not have ended too amicably. As "Pipsqueak Demagogue" roars into the soundscape, we are greeted by one of the more dense and strange Jerry recordings. Seemingly smashing together of two different sessions to create this piece, we once again hear the duo of Jerry and his Dog slamming away at on off-kilter groove, but eventually we here some of the jazzier side of Jerry intertwine, as Jerry's piano playing enters, accompanied by his stupid brother Gerald on the upright bass. From what I can tell, "In Mortem and in Tooth" features old tour field recordings, and this one I couldn't even begin to imagine where it comes from... In the background there are some old ambient bits from a film Jerry once scored that never saw the light of day, but I have been fortunate enough to see in an alleyway theater amongst the cats and vermin. McGruffins was not in attendance. 'Carraretttan Abyss' is based off of some dream Jerry once had, he dreamt he was some kind of basketball coach to some young impoverished boy in Italy. On second thought it might have actually happened. I wonder whatever might have happened to him? The lush swells and sounds of this soundscape are something unfamiliar to the discography of Jerry, and a restful stop from what is usually frantic and unforgivingly obtuse. The track continues on, until fading and surrendering into the madness that is 'Sans Pity', which also seems to be part of the same composition that is 'Photek'. Hear we get another session track, this time, featuring the full trio, Jerry, McGruffins the Junkyard Dog, and Gerald, Jerry's stupid brother. After high tension band carnage, everything collapses into bleak piano, again I believe sounding familiar, maybe having been also used in a Jerry film score at some point. The crackling guitar and bass feedback continue on creating another bleak vision, before disappearing into the piano decent, bringing us into an unusually personal and intimate cut, 'Lonely Jerry'. This track features Jerry mainly playing bass. Seemingly throwing references back to his release 'Lonesome Sparkle', he brings this diverse trip to a close with a tender moment, eventually ending the whole journey with a sparse key passage, and through this, you can really feel the loneliness he feels day to day as he continues life in various gutters.

Thank you for listening and taking the time to read this! 2017 seems to be quite uncertain in many respects, and since having received this album from Jerry earlier this month, I have not heard from him. I hope to hear from him soon, and it is exciting to think what madness Jerry will bring up from his prolific, and storied past."


released January 29, 2017



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Jerry Cairo, Illinois

I'm at tank*

Still starving though.


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